VR Developer, Mentor and
Community Builder


"Be patient. The Metaverse will come.
And it will be open" Tim Sweeney

Main Developer: Blueprint & C++ Virtual Reality interaction plugin for the Unreal Engine:

  • Pre-configured VR Pawn
  • Grab/Push/Pull Component
  • Movement/Locomotion
  • Teleport Component
  • Gaze Component
  • Gestures Component

  • Open source plugin available in GitHub and the UE Marketplace. Cutomizations and consulting work available upon request.

    VR Mentor and Project Reviewer: As a Udacity VR Mentor, I help students master their study material, striving to give actionable and helpful feedback.


    "The future belongs to those who see
    possibilities before they become obvious" John Sculley

    I build solutions. I’m a creative problem-solver with more than a decade of professional software development experience in C++ & C#. My passion is in Extended Reality technology with a penchant for developing room-scale VR experiences. And my tool of choice? The Unreal Engine - no question.

    I like seeing the possibilities from something raw and untapped, both in technologies and people. While I'm comfortable proselytizing things I feel passionate on, I believe firmly on walking the talk. Getting your hands dirty and being scrappy in my opinion is the best way to learn and perhaps the only way to truly understand something.

    Virtual Reality provides a powerful medium for such level of understanding. It allows us to take our ideas and fully immerse in them. Boundaries from physical reality become non-existent, and we are then free to explore and learn unhindered. This is why I'm in this space, and this is where I see the future of human learning & advancement.


    "It's what you don't say" Elon Musk